Server Rates

Rates on Weekdays

Ingame Rate
Exp Rate 10x
Quest Rate 5x
Zulie Rate 5x

Rates on Weekends

Ingame Rate
Exp Rate 40x
Quest Rate 10x
Zulie Rate 10x

Current Donation Exchange Rate

Currency in US Dollars Item Mall Point Equivalent
$25.00 1000 IM Points
$50.00 2250 IM Points
$100.00 5000 IM Points
$150.00 7500 IM Points
$200.00 12000 IM Points
$300.00 25000 IM Points

Welcome to Dungeon Online!

We are glad to have you! We are a new server dedicated to bring you the best experience in Rose Online gaming. Offering unique rates - PVP - and more awesome features. More will be coming soon as the development team works on the server daily! Join us now and sign up!

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1 Misaka 4
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